What Do I Do When My Phone Card Expires?

What Do I Do When My Phone Card Expires?

Isn’t it really disappointing and frustrating when your phone card expires and you still have heaps of minutes left on it? You feel like you’ve been conned.

There is a secret way around this!

Phone card suppliers make a significant portion of their profit from the unused minutes on a card when it expires. With some phone card suppliers this is the only profit they make because call rates are so competitive these days!

Phone cards have all sorts of different life spans. Some last as much as 12 months for example the Telstra Say G’Day phone card. Others can be as short as 30 days. The vast majority have an expiry date of between 2 – 4 months after the phone card is first used.

So what do you do when you have used the phone card once and now it has expired? Here’s a secret tip that no one wants you to know – recharge it.

You can recharge your phone card or add a little extra money to it. You do this by calling customer service, giving them your PIN number and asking them to add or dollars to your phone card.

When you recharge a phone card the life of the card starts again. So if it was initially 3 months and you recharge it the phone card will last for another 3 months. For example, if you bought a phone card and it had left but it expired then recharge or add another making . This will then give you another 3 months to use your .

There is no minimum amount you need to recharge a phone card – so just ask for a small amount to recharge or top it up and you can then use all the minutes you have including the ones that were lost before the recharge.

This is the way to get your phone card activated again and get your lost minutes back!

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