Nextel Cell Phones

Nextel Cell Phones Are you looking for spontaneity and personality all in one box? How about a reputation for good service and a brand name that is a synonym of quality? The Nextel cell phones are all that and more. The i730 Nextel cell phone takes your personalized wireless connection to new heights. This latest …

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Cell Phone Features

Cell Phone Features It’s not a 21st century gadget. It was developed in 1947 in the form of a car mobile phone. The concept of cellular phone (telefone celular) was produced by Bell Laboratories with the permission of FCC (Federal Communication Commission), and had everything to do with broadcasting and sending a radio or television …

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Iggy’s New Toy

Iggy’s New Toy After many years of faithful service, I recently realised that it was time to trade in my trusty old mobile phone. Despite the jeers from my friends, I had held on to my chunky old phone well after my phone company had offered me a free upgrade. It had always performed reliably …

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The Ultimate Spy Mobile Phone

The Ultimate Spy Mobile Phone Technology has given spies the ultimate weapon in listening devices: the spy mobile phone. The great thing about these cell phone bugs is that they are so ordinary looking and function normally. When you are listening in, you do not look suspicious because just about everyone now has a mobile …

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Cell Phone Batteries

Cell Phone Batteries The world used to be a very different place. When accidents happened away from home, victims had no way of calling for help. If a driver broke down on the road, he or she would have to either go to a stranger’s house to use the phone, or wait for a good …

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Cheap Cell Phone Alternatives

Cheap Cell Phone Alternatives The old concept that cellular phones are merely luxurious toys is now dismissed by the growing need for it. Cellular phones now became a very essential tool for everyone including parents who want to know where their kids are on a real time basis. Business executives do business more effectively with …

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