The Anti-Social Mobile Effect

The Anti-Social Mobile Effect Traveling with any type of public transportation vehicle today in a metropolitan city, one could easily assert that the common mobile use has embraced different societies and penetrated the communication practices of people of all ages. Answering a sleek mobile phone that rings, by loudly reproducing a lesser quality version of …

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VoIP Is It Legal?

VoIP Is It Legal? I have been in telecom for 12 years and for 12 years I have spoken to my mom at least once a week if not more. She always asks me how is work? Are you still doing that little telephone thing? About six months ago she called me up because she …

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Numeric Data Entry Services

Numeric Data Entry Services Numeric Data Entry services are completely planned to help businesses for big or small organizations. The data entry clerks will be entering data into Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for absolute periods of time. Numeric Data Entry service enables global organizations to produce high volume documents quickly and efficiently. While we …

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What’s a Handset?

What’s a Handset? Handset is another term that means different things to different people. Handset is used to describe the receiver on a phone, an entire phone or a cell phone. It is sometimes mistakenly used instead of the word headset. For the purposes of this discussion, we will define a handset as the receiver …

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No Fax Payday Loan

No Fax Payday Loan I guess you already know about no fax payday loan since this concept is commonly heard these days with lots of advertisements from any communication medium dealing about it. Even is you walked into a loan company in your neighborhood promoting “check cashed”, you may have observed advertisements in the window …

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