Web Phone Conferencing

Web Phone Conferencing

In its basest sense, web conferencing refers to a discussion occurring between groups of individuals done in a wholly web-based environment. Based on this definition, web conferencing is actually different from voice or phone conferencing in that the latter uses an offline system in order to facilitate communication between parties. But the world of web conferencing is evolving at a constant rate and hybrids are continuously being produced by dozens of vendors. As a result, web phone conferencing emerged in the market.

By industry standards, web phone conferencing is a more affordable alternative to purely web-based conferencing. With web phone conferencing, there is no longer any need for a web server hosted by the vendor and therefore no additional charges for hosting space. In fact, the only thing you pay for with web phone conferencing is your full-featured software package.

Web phone conferencing is the perfect solution for on-demand online meetings and presentations from anywhere in the world at any time. With travel costing companies millions of dollars and its hassles causing undue stress to its employees, web phone conferencing presents an opportunity of an exchange of ideas, demo products, and valuable real-time input from clients, customers, and co-workers without having to leave the office.

Web Phone Conferencing and the Virtual Meeting Room

Web phone conferencing creates the perfect virtual meeting room for any company. With web phone conferencing, you get a complete set of powerful meeting and presentation tools that let you share files, applications, and even your entire computer desktop with other participants of your virtual conference. And because the ultimate aim of web phone conferencing is to conduct everything in real-time, you can be sure to use all the tools presented simultaneously with the rest of the participants.

The addition of a phone system in your web phone conferencing software lets you get a complete and affordable phone conferencing solution ideal for phone meetings, staff updates, project team coordination, and more. One of the pervading problems of video conferencing is that latency in the video feed and out of sync graphics can be very distracting for the conference participant. Web phone conferencing dispels of that problem by focusing on content instead of what is being represented on video. With web phone conferencing, the power of voice communication and the overall flexibility of the web are combined and infused into one perfect software package.

Every option featured in your web phone conferencing software can be controlled on the fly. In fact, most packages sold by vendors have web-based control panels that are intuitive and easy to understand.

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