The Gift Of Gab

The Gift Of Gab

She has proven that she can be responsible, and she has saved up her allowance, and she even cooked dinner a few nights ago to surprise you and remind you what a wonderful parent you are. You have decided that it is time to grant your daughter’s request for a cell phone.

With your keys in hand you consider whether to tell her you are going cell phone shopping and invite her along to pick out her own cell phone or whether simply coming home in an hour and surprising her with a cell phone will be more amicable.

Teenage girls can be passionate about their cell phones, and she may appreciate being able to pick out the phone of her choice. If cell phone conversations have dominated the dinner table for the past two weeks, then you can be pretty sure that she knows exactly what she wants, how much it costs, and which accessories are a must have to accent her new cell phone.

However, if your teenage daughter has been discussing the necessity of a cell phone for the past few weeks, then she has probably already told you what she thinks is an acceptable cell phone. Running out and bringing her home the exact notion that she has in her head will make you super-parent for the day.

Teenage cell phone ownership should at least start off on a positive note, the more positive the experience the more likely she will be to adhere to the cell phone rules, at least for awhile. Whether to take her along or surprise her depends on a few personality traits.

Are you more likely to buy her the basic bland cell phone and bring her home an embarrassing obsolete model? Are you willing to spend the money on a few accessories? Do her cell phone requirements seem excessive to you?

If the two of you are likely to understand each other while cell phone shopping, she may very well appreciate being asked for her input and the ability to choose her own cell phone. However, if the two of you are more likely to turn a cell phone shopping trip into a huge blow out argument, it’s probably best to leave her at home.

Giving your daughter the grown up privilege of a cell phone can be a joyous and momentous occasion in her life. Making it as enjoyable as possible is best for both of you. If in doubt, ask someone who knows what type of cell phone to get her that won’t break your bank but she will still think is very cool. Then watch her eyes light up at the sight of her new cell phone.