Prepaid Phone Cards: The Convenient Way To Call

Prepaid Phone Cards: The Convenient Way To Call

A pre-paid phone card is a card customers buy to make long distance phone calls. A lot of people use a pre-paid phone card because it is convenient, since it can be used anywhere and, because you pay in advance, there are no bills. Pre-paid phone cards are common among travelers, students, those who frequently call overseas, and those who haven’t selected their preferred long distance telephone company. To add, pre-paid phone cards are conveniently available in convenient places such as newsstands,restaurants and stores.

How Do Prepaid Phone Cards Work

For consumers who do not have a home phone or need to make phone calls when away from home, prepaid phone cards can offer convenience and savings. While there is a wide array of cards to choose from, not all cards are created equally.

For starters, rates for overseas calls using pre-paid phone cards can vary dramatically, based on the country you are calling or the manner that you make the call. Pre-paid phone cards may offer rates that are much lower than a telephone firm’s standard international rates. A toll-free access phone number and a personal identification number (PIN) are generally inscribed on each phone card. To make a call, dial the access number and then enter the PIN.

After making a call, an automated voice will prompt you to enter the phone number you are calling, and tell you how much time you have left on your card. It might also give you other options. Phone card firms keep track of how much of a card’s calling time is used by the card’s PIN number. Users can add time to some pre-paid phone cards, and the added cost can usually be charged to a credit card. If you cannot add time to your card, you will need to purchase a new one when all the time has been used. Also, pre-paid phone cards often have expiration dates, which could take effect after a week, month or a year.

Where To Buy Prepaid Phone Cards

Currently, prepaid phone cards are available just about everywhere in the US. These cards allow consumers to make calls when away from home or office. The cards can be used at just about any touch-tone telephone, as well on pay phones. The good thing about the cards is that they eliminate the need to carry coins for pay phones, allow persons without a local telephone service account to make calls, and generally cost less than traditional telephone company calls. Prepaid phone card calls are also affordable than most long distance calls made with coins from a local telephone company pay phone.

Today prepaid phone cards are produced by many providers, ranging from major telephone firms and credit card issuers to small and medium start-up businesses. The cards can be purchased in small denominations, ranging from to , at public facilities such as airports, convenience stores and newsstands, gas stations, drug stores or even at post offices.

While prepaid phone cards offer convenience, the main attraction of such cards for consumers is the possible savings compared to traditional modes of making calls away from home or office. However, many customers do not have the information about the cards they need to make informed purchases, so it would be wise to check on the card’s veracity from Better Business Bureau offices, or try calling the card’s toll-free hotlines for further details.