Nextel Cell Phones

Nextel Cell Phones

Are you looking for spontaneity and personality all in one box? How about a reputation for good service and a brand name that is a synonym of quality? The Nextel cell phones are all that and more.

The i730 Nextel cell phone takes your personalized wireless connection to new heights. This latest Nextel cell phone release adds a fresh look and new dimension to your mobile life. With its cool silver chassis and 65k color display, the i730 Nextel cell phone is professionally stylish. The vibrant color display gives your picture messages enhanced clarity. It also allows you to customize your screen with downloadable wallpapers, adjustable color palettes, and a choice of three font sizes.

The i730 Nextel cell phone also has an advanced user interface. So if you like everything quick and instant, this Nextel cell phone model allows you to perform easy, one-touch shortcuts to functions and exciting phone features. Its icon-driven menu lets you navigate your phone in four ways with the addition of the OK selection key.

Speakerphone and Voice Capabilities

Tired of hand-helds? The i730 Nextel cell phone comes equipped with speaker phone capabilities. So if you’re driving, you can simply place your phone on speaker mode without having to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. The built-in speakerphone allows you to engage in safe, hands-free cellular conversations.

The i730 Nextel cell phone also comes with its very own voice recorder. So now, there’s no need for you to carry around that bulky tape recorder. All you need is your i730 Nextel cell phone and your problems are solved. The Nextel mobile lets you capture memos or phone conversations for future playback of phone numbers, tasks, or driving directions (caller must notify other party of any call recording).

Voice-activated dialing is yet another nifty feature of the i730 Nextel cell phone. Simply press a button and speak. The phone comes with a voice recognition system which would then allow it to automatically dial a certain number associated with the words you speak. You can also access phone features using the voice-activated dialing.

Java Applications

In the mood for games? Do you get bored easily? Take a break from your hectic schedule and sit down for a nice little game right from the screen of your Nextel cell phone. The i730 Nextel cell phone comes with pre-loaded applications and games, such as FOX Sports Footbal game demo, Bejeweled puzzle game demo, and Zip Zavier adventure game demo.

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