How A PABX Phone System Can Benefit Your Business

How A PABX Phone System Can Benefit Your Business

As a business or hotel owner, you can greatly benefit your business with a PABX phone system to suit your ISDN or PSTN Phone lines. Specialty hotel and hospitality phone systems are customized to fit the needs of any hotel, motel or resort establishment. They are available in many different configurations, allowing you to fulfill all hotel phone needs.

The amazing systems not only allow your hotel basic phone use, but they are also sophisticated front-house management systems that allow for high quality guest service. They can also be wisely utilized in hospitals, nursing homes and residence halls.

For the hotel, there is specialized software that can help hotel staff perform a variety of duties. The front-of-the-house management system within the PABX phone system can do many things, including:

* Automatic consolidation of guest accounts
* Multiple room tariffs
* Automatic credit control
* On-line room status
* Customized bills and invoicing
* Access to marketing information from your customer base

The system allows for the ultimate system of business efficiency. The phone system can even be used to do things like:

* Hotel check-in and check-out
* Call charging system duties
* Customer account details
* Wake-up calls
* Direct dialing to rooms
* Guest-to-guest dialing
* Message waiting notifying
* Fax connections in rooms
* Automated attendant
* Do not disturb properties

The intelligent PABX phone systems are used in some of the classiest hotels and resorts in the world. They are an ideal way to bring a level of class and efficiency to your hotel or establishment. Workers can be easily trained to use these simple systems and you will find your entire team working better together using these wise systems. Under one bill for the entire operation of phone use, the phone system also makes your business easy to operate from a financial point of view. Most phone system suppliers can provide Business Phone systems to suit ISDN 2 Basic rate ISDN & ISDN 102030 Primary rate ISDN Business Phone lines with advantage of using Direct In Dial IDD 100 Number Range or PSTN Business Phone systems.