The new Helio Ocean cell phone is quite a stylish phone. It has a two-way sliding mechanism, which gives this device the power of a phone keypad, as well as a full QWERTY keyboard.

The Helio Ocean phone cell phone offers lightning fast EV-DO data access on the largest 3G network around, stereo Bluetooth, built-in GPS, and a great do-it-all messaging center that combines text, IM, and e-mail. It has a 2-megapixel camera (with auto flash) that takes crystal clear pictures and delivers up to two hours of video recording.
Overall, this Helio Ocean cell phone is considered to be a fun phone. The sliding gives a great “clack” sound and is very satisfying to do over and over again, but will probably be annoying to the people around you.

The Software:
There’s a lot of software in the Helio Ocean cell phone such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Helio Mail and EarthLink. When instant messaging, the user can enter someone’s IM information in the contact entry and see if they’re online by simply searching for their name on the screen. Helio also introduced Microsoft Office Exchange and Helio file viewer for the business savvy consumer. The Helio Ocean cell phone has many features that make this phone convenient and very user friendly.

As far as Instant Messaging is concerned, the Helio Ocean cell phone has a desktop-class IM client. It is important to note that the Helio Ocean cell phone is a lot better than the phones offered by Windows Mobile. The standard menus are the same as all Helio phones, but the Ocean browser has been upgraded. We believe the Helio Ocean cell phone is the first for a native phone IM client.

Helio GPS/Google Maps and Buddy Beacon are also present on the Helio Ocean cell phone. They represent really cool features that allow users to locate both their friends and themselves. The Helio Ocean cell phone screen is very bright, thus many people choose to adjust the brightness especially when playing a video.

The music, video player, database, and of course, its excellent messaging center, are easily accessed through a Helio serviceable web browser. The zoom in and out options on the camera are very easy to use, and the web pages rapidly load over an extremely fast 3G EV-DO connection.

Music, Games & More
The Helio Ocean cell phone also allows you to interact with sites like Myspace, eBay, Wikipedia, Craigslist, CNN, Google News, YouTube, Helio Traffic, AccuWeather, Yahoo Business, etc… Helio has integrated all these sites with their own specially designed interface. You can shop and blog with your Helio Ocean cell phone. Another great feature the Helio Ocean has, is the integration of Helio music. The Helio Ocean cell phone is a fine tuned music machine! Download complete songs, ring tones, full length videos and enjoy music and videos the way they were meant to be. Enjoy 3D gaming with life like clarity on your Helio Ocean cell phone.

The Ocean has a 2.4-inch 260k color QVGA display, built in stereo speakers and stereo Bluetooth to give your Helio Ocean cell phone the best sound possible. With 200MB of internal memory, and a four gig expandable memory, this is why the Helio Ocean cell phone is making waves from coast to coast; the Helio Ocean cell phone is by far, our Top Choice.