Face plates for the Latest Cell Phone Models Sanyo 7000

Face plates for the Latest Cell Phone Models Sanyo 7000

New York, NY Jul 24,2007 Looking for Cell Phone Faceplates? Then 101cells online cellphone accessory store is the right place for you. 101cells has the lowest prices and best quality products. 101cells is a total source for just about any cell phone accessory.

Little changes can make your cellphone look like new. 101cells.com has just added new faceplates for Sanyo 7000 cellphones. www.101cells.com is an online cell phone accessories store featuring accessories like Faceplates, Chargers, Batteries, Data Cables, Flashing Accessories, Antennas, Car Kits of all popular phone models from Audiovox, Sony Ecrisson, Motorola, Nokia, Nextel, Qualcomm-Koycera, Samsung, Kyocera and Siemens. The store also has unique collection of iPod accessories.

Changing Cell Phone Faceplate is a great way to change the look of your cellular phone. Go & Individualize your cell phone with a cell phone with just a unique faceplate. Personalize and protect your phone with these plastic molded faceplates which are designed to fit securely onto your phone. Different colors, styles and shapes faceplates of almost every cell phone to choose from.

www.101cells.com has added new wide range of Face Plates for Sanyo 7000

These faceplates include various solid & transparent colors, colorful pattern designs, dragons, different animals & smiley design faceplates. Some of the famous faceplates are Blackberry Faceplates HTC Faceplates Kyocera Faceplates LG Faceplates Motorola Faceplates Nextel Face Plates Nokia Faceplates Panasonic Face Plates etc They’re very easy to put on and take off. And they give the freedom to change the look of your phone whenever you want.

Grab the faceplates of your personality and choice at 101cells.com

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