Cell Phone Tips

Cell Phone Tips

It’s a rare moment when you aren’t in the presence of
someone on their cell phone.

If you want to get the most out of your phone here are
some ways to maximize your cellular phone’s features
and make the most of this practical invention.

1) Manuals are usually fairly long and can be a bit
confusing. These manuals however are there to help you
understand your phone.

The phone’s features are properly organized into
categories, making the manual a breeze to read and

You’ll also be surprised to learn that your phone has
many more features than you thought, and probably
never would have imagined on a phone.

2) Check out or your cell phone’s manufacturer’s
website. This is an excellent and easy-to-use resource
in addition to the information you received with your
cell phone.

3) Keep the number (usually a toll free number) that
will connect you easily to on-call service agents who
are standing by the help you with your calling
questions, they may also be able to help you decide if
you are getting everything you needed..

Also, here are some things you may not have known
about your cell phone:

1) You can store a given amount of names and phone
numbers into your phone’s memory, allowing you to
record a phone book in your cell.

This may be set with specific ring tones and visual
displays so you know when they are calling you also.

2) Some phones have a voice-activated dial feature, by
simply saying the persons name, it will be prompted to
dial the number you desire.

3) Handy little feature is the built in alarm clocks
many cell phones have. This is handy for wake-up
calls, or simple reminders of other tasks (including
short naps).

4) The call forward feature is handy. If you are on
the road and want the calls coming into your home to
be forwarded to your cell, or if you’d like to have it
reversed to the land phone, this feature may be
included in your cell phone features.

5) Timer Feature is handy; it allows for you to time
the minutes you are using on your phone. If you are on
a limited plan, it will help you monitor what’s being

6) Vibration vs. Ringing; this feature is handy. If
you want people to be able to call you, but, don’t
want the ring to disturb others, setting the phone to
vibrate instead of ringing may be an option for you to

7) If you like games, you’re in luck! This feature may
be on your phone as well. If you are in for a long
wait somewhere, it may be a fun way to fill the time.

Read your cell phone manual and ask your cell phone
provider about the features if you have more