Avoid Free International Phone Card Scams when Looking for Free Long Distance Calling Card Minutes Online.

Avoid Free International Phone Card Scams when Looking for Free Long Distance Calling Card Minutes Online.

Looking for a free phone card? Thinking there a catch? This article shows you what to watch out for when looking for a free phone card online. Learn a couple of free phone card tips on how to avoid a prepaid calling card scam.

Well, you’re not alone. There are plenty of people just like you, looking to find a free phone card online. In fact, 5787 people typed in the keyword phrase “free phone card’ in yahoo’s search engine, just last month. If you factor in all the online search engines this number could be six to even eight times that number of people looking for a cheap prepaid phone card online. So don’t feel like you’re the only person looking to find a deal with a really cheap free phone card online.

Free Phone Card Tip #1

You Have To Earn It.

Big companies know the value that a free phone card can offer to its customers. That’s way companies will sponsor corporate promotional phone cards as a way to run a special promotion. Most times you have to buy a certain amount of there product or do some type of task to get your free phone card minutes.

Some online sites will say that they offer a free phone card but in reality they built a system that you earn the points kind of like airline miles buy doing certain things that make the company money. So if you don’t mind being the mouse to chase the free phone card cheese. Then play the maze to win free phone card minutes.

Free Phone Card Tip #2

Read the Fine Print:

Unfortunately some phone card customers have bin ripped off when not reading the fine print when buying a prepaid phone card. Reading the terms and conditions is your first step in avoiding prepaid phone card scams.

In one case, a large online prepaid phone card business was offering free 50 minute calling card. This company had a sneaky tactic card of charging your credit card on an automatic monthly recharge basis. This happened after you used your 49th minute of the free 50 minute calling card. Some online prepaid calling card business will want you to verify your information to receive your free prepaid phone card. Be careful when anyone ask for your credit card information as a qualification for a free phone card. Sometimes its understandable for a business to request this as part of the free phone card trial, just remember to read the fine print!

Sometimes you need to take a lesson from good old grandma. Nothing in life is for free! But some of these companies might be offering you corporate phone card promotion that is used to promote there brand. Because sometime you might actually find a fair deal for free long distance calling minutes online. So yes, there is a catch! But not when you know what to look for.

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