The kind of fax paper to use in a plain paper fax machine.

The kind of fax paper to use in a plain paper fax machine.

Super Fax Paper offers the look, feel and performance of plain paper! No need to photocopy 10 years image preservation is guaranteed; reducing duplication costs and increases savings. About 30% thicker than regular fax paper, there will be no page curling and makes it easier to handle and re-transmit.

Fax cartridges and fax rolls of paper are very common in the workplace today. We hardly even think about it before we tell someone to “fax that over to me”. Faxes make life so much easier for us than in the past when things had to be mailed back and forth through the postal system.

The fax machine was actually invented long ago. Alexander Bain invented the fax machine in 1843 and received a patent. He was a Scottish mechanic and his idea was an off-shoot of Samuel Morse’s invention of the telegraph. In 1902, Dr. Arthur Korn made improvements to the machine adding the photoelectric system to the idea. AT&T worked to improve the technology and in 1924 created a means of transmitting pictures for newspapers over long distances. In 1955, the first fax transmission across the continent occurred. Since then, there has been amazing progress.

Today’s fax machines, fax cartridges and fax rolls are inexpensive enough that just about every office and many homes have this capability. These automated machines are small, easy to use and affordable to purchase and operate.

To Best describe the kind of paper to use in a plain paper fax machine lets “Look At the Fax” and alternately exactly what the fax machine is for that is what level of professionalism does the fax owner he/she require to get the job done. If said fax owner deals in law, real-estate or any other type of professional capacity then a high grade, top of the line, manufacturer suggested paper should work very well. This paper works equally as well if the fax is also used as a convenience copier. However if the plain paper fax is used more on a personal level lets say exchanging recipes, sending stuff that needs a signature, personal credit applications, resumes, maps to where the parties are etc. Then just do what I do grab all the one-side used fax paper that comes from your work, they just use it for scrap paper anyhow and put that in your fax and send it.

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