Indian Franchising Opportunities- the growing market

Indian Franchising Opportunities- the growing market

With a booming economy, the Indian franchising opportunities are growing. The increasing buying strength of the middle class is a major driving factor for the maturity in the Indian franchising opportunities. Lot of foreign buyers are attracted to the Indian market given the better infrastructure and uncomplicated laws. The franchising business opportunity in India has emerged as a profitable option for both the franchisors and franchisees. While the franchisors benefit with more and more presence, the franchisees benefit from an established brand that ensures assured income. According to recent studies, India has fast emerged as the favorite destination for global franchisors. Not only is the world benefiting from the open Indian economy but a number of established brand in India are gaining name and fame from franchising. The franchising option are now not only limited to food joints. It now includes educational institutes, retail businesses, telecom companies and many others. Lot of franchisees may want to start small. With a small capital, they might wish to start a small franchising business in India. The choices for such new franchisees are also limitless. They can start their franchising business in one of the various fields. Initially the business requires time to establish, which means the return on investment might be low or negligible. But once the business is established the return on investment keeps growing.

Over the past few years, a lot of Indian franchisees have been successful. They have experienced that association with known foreign and domestic franchisors is a less risky option of business. A lot of these Indian franchisees say that they could not have made as much success in business if they had started a business of their own. The women in the corporate find it difficult to juggle between a full-time job and the family obligations. Rather than sitting at home and doing nothing, a lot of women are also choosing to start franchise business. Much more flexible than the 9-6 job, the franchise business gives them the freedom to work at their convenient timings. They can even work from home and look after their responsibilities and families well. A lot of these women are opting for businesses in cosmetics and healthcare products, some of the products that only women can sell well. Brands like Avon and other beauty products train the women on their range of products and other market strategies. Using their social network, the women can gradually expand their business segment. For more please log onto

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