China Trade Shows

China Trade Shows

China has become a worldwide economic powerhouse with its fast changing, inscrutable, and cosmopolitan trade market. China trade shows are the best places to perceive the latest happenings in China’s trading industries and come together with the people who make it a reality. These are invaluable opportunities to the serious investor and very appealing to visitors who want to get a glance of the newest events in China’s various fields of commerce including automotive, plastic/rubbers, textile/apparel, telecom/IT, building/construction, woodwork/furniture, packaging, printing, machinery, energy/power, and toys/premium.

Chinese Export Commodities Fair
The Chinese Export Commodities Fair or Canton Fair held annually is one of the biggest China trade shows composed of thousand top foreign trade enterprises, including foreign trade factories, companies, scientific research institutions, private enterprises, foreign invested ventures, and completely foreign-owned companies. It is absolutely the event to vend or purchase from the Chinese market. The trade show is more inclined to export trade, although import trade is also done.

Aside from the conventional way of talking about the exhibitors samples, various business activities are also highlighted in the event, such as advertising, insurance, transportation, commodity inspection, economic and technical cooperation and exchanges, consultation, and a lot more, which are performed in flexible ways. Currently, the trade show is expanding to accommodate the latest demands of world trade, considerably having more commodities and exhibitors.

China Electronics Fair
The trade show is a biannual event and happens at Shenzhen in spring and Shanghai in fall, where over two-thousand-two-hundred companies participate including Samsung, Hitachi, LG, and TDK. Usually the trade show is categorized into two, Electronics for Commercial and Industrial Use, and Electronics for Consumer Use. Aside from the exhibits of products, the show also features professional seminars in various topics and special exhibition areas.

Other excellent China trade shows to expect in 2007 include The 10th International Trade Fair for Valves, Pipelines, Fluid Engineering and Process Industries, which exhibits valves for industrial use, valves for special industrial use or similar use, valves for use in domestic appliances and similar installations, multi-turn valves or Linear Motion Valve, pipelines, and systems for fluid engineering and process industries; The 8th International Congress on SLE ; and the Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale XXXV , the trade show consists of plenary and parallel sessions, instrument exhibition, and poster presentation, which brings together spectroscopists on a universal scale to encourage associates and exchange experiences.

China trade shows industry has been steadily growing at more than twenty percent a year for the past five years, thus making them excellent sources of getting an edge on the increasing competitive world of China’s various business sectors.

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