Arizona Web Conferencing

Arizona Web Conferencing

Arizona web conferencing is a software application that allows you to interact with other participants of a meeting even as you sit there at your desk, facing your computer. The meeting is only conducted virtually and you stay connected with the presenter and the rest of the participants via the Internet and the Arizona web conferencing software you are using.

As a service, Arizona web conferencing lets you attend online meetings without leaving the comfort of your office. So in effect, you are saving on travel and hotel accommodation costs with Arizona web conferencing.

Basic Features

The most basic conferencing feature that is found in all Arizona web conferencing software is screen sharing. This nifty capability enables you to view and even control the presenter’s screen by manipulating your computer mouse. This allows for greater interactive learning and discussion between the participants and the presenter.

You could say that Arizona web conferencing is made for slide presentations. Most software applications available out there offer support for PowerPoint even as they support other presentation platforms as well. Desktop sharing, file sharing, and application sharing are just few of the basic features that makes Arizona web conferencing a truly dynamic and interactive way of conducting meetings.

More recent products in the market are showing a convergence of various communication avenues, including audio, video, and text-based. Some software even combines all three for a greater interactive feel.

Examples of Arizona Web Conferencing Software

Here is a list of some Arizona web conferencing application tools which you can find on the Internet.

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