Cell Phone Shopping Frustration

Cell Phone Shopping Frustration

With the vast quantities of choices out there in the land of cell phones, shopping for a new cell phone can be remarkably frustrating. How hard can it really be? You want a phone that isn’t too big that lets you talk to people and if does a few other cool things then that’s really a bonus.

However, with all the options in cell phones it can be like standing in a sea of technology that evolves right before your eyes. Depending on the location you choose to purchase your new cell phone you may leave with a headache the size of Mount Everest.

Choose your cell phone shopping location with great care. Choosing a poorly staffed cell phone kiosk may actually guarantee you leave with the wrong phone. You are going to want to ask some questions, even if you have already done the research and are pretty sure you know what you want. Asking intelligent questions and being replied to with blank stare and a shrug of the shoulders by minimum wage teenager is not exactly stellar customer service.

While the mall is often the most convenient place to shop for a new cell phone, the kiosks may not be the most beneficial place to shop. While there have been improvements in kiosk sales representative by order of the cell phone companies, be sure to start asking questions prior to looking for a phone. While they may know the basics of cell phone knowledge, they may not be able to know how to get you every bit of phone you need with the right services for the best price. You may walk away with the phone you want while overpaying on the plan by nearly 25%

Do some homework on your own before deciding to get a new cell phone. It is possible that your current cell phone may be upgradeable. If not, you should at least know the phone that you are looking for and what features you want to purchase with it. If you simply walk into a cell phone store and expect the store clerk to be able to show you model after model of cell phones you will be highly disappointed. They either won’t have the information you really need or they will stand there so long explaining every phone they carry that you could have eaten, read three stories to the kids, watched television and crawled in bed for the night before he is even halfway through the presentation.

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